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Saint Malo Hotels

Saint Malo City Info

Saint Malo Hotels

Located in the north of Brittany, St Malo was named after Father MacLaw, a Welsh monk and bishop who fled Wales to Brittany in 538. This 44-acre fortified city became very famous in 1590 when its inhabitants declared it an independent republic! Their motto was "Neither French nor Breton, but a Corsair am I". This status did not last more than four years but that was long enough for St Malo's residents to earn a strong reputation as rebels.

In the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, St Malo acquired considerable wealth, not only from its maritime trade between the Americas and Europe but also, and mainly, from the very lucrative ventures of its corsairs. The trade generated by the "Newfoundlanders", those fleets that set off to fish for cod in Newfoundland (east coast of Canada ), accounted for some of St Malo's prosperity and glory. However, its most profitable business, without a doubt, came from capturing merchant English and Dutch vessels with the King of France's blessing!

The lively resort town of St Malo boasts a colorful history as a fortified island citadel that was once run by corsairs who declared it a republic. Today this port on the English Channel swarms with tourists, its streets choked with tour buses in the summer months and its natural harbour acting as a busy ferry terminal for those crossing between Britain, France and the Channel Islands just to the north. Because of the town's medieval charm many visitors opt to spend a night or two here before their ferry crossing, and are rewarded with a pleasant sojourn behind old city walls in a quaint collection of hotels, restaurants, bars and shops. Just a hop and a skip away are some vast clean brown sandy beaches, ideal for family fun. Stroll the ramparts of the great city walls as the sun sets and it is easy to realize why this ancient city is now the most popular tourist destination in Brittany.

St Malo is France 's largest marina, and it is only one hour's drive from Mont St Michel. First, you can take a walk along the top of this corsair city's ramparts. You should count on about two hours to go around the fortress and enjoy the splendid view of the Emerald Coast. At low tide, you can reach the National Fort by foot and admire the harbor. You can then walk down the cobblestone streets to reach the cathedral, or just stop at a "crêperie" restaurant to enjoy a delicious crepe with a cup of apple cider from Brittany. In this fortress city of many legends, each street and each stone is a testament to its glorious past. This is one visit that will surely linger on in your memory !

St. Malo Tourist Attractions

Memorial 39/45

This memorial is located in a blockhouse in "Atlantic Wall" and on a visitor's trail in the area. The memorial recalls the events of World War II. A film outlining the battle of Saint-Malo is shown.

Chateau de Saint-Malo

Chateau de Saint-Malo is a museum that delineates the history of this area and its inhabitants. A grand dungeon and general tour is offered.

Musee Jacques Cartier

The Jacques Cartier Museum is housed in the Limoelou Manor, which was Cartier's residence in 1534 when he discovered Canada. The manor has been restored to depict the life and expeditions of its owner. Guided visits of the museum are available. Inquire locally for further details.

Atelier-Musee De L'Horlogerie

I60 km away from Saint-Malo, and situated In the magnificent surroundings of a 16th-century building. Visitors can see a public clock, a Louis XV cartel, fob watches, pendulum and other clocks, and watches. These historic timepieces are set out in a wonderful exhibition that ends with automata and animated boards.

Ferme Marine De Cancale

La ferme Marine is part of local business in St Malo. The guided tours are excellent for learning about the local tradition of oyster farming.

Cobac Parc

Plenty to do for both the young and old, located in superb natural surroundings : pool complex, outdoor play areas, train, rounabout, crazy golf, pedal go-karts, bouncy castles. Espace Cobby. 1900's carrousel...Chip shop, picnic area. Unlimited use of attractions

Chateau Et Parc De La Bourbansais

Surrounded by beautiful parkland and situated in a centuries-old setting, la Bourbansais Zoo has more than 500 animals from all five continents (including endangered species): giraffes, monkeys, tigers, birds, etc.

Grand Aquarium Les Mysteres De La Mer

Nautibus: a drive unlike any other anywhere in the world. The family will love to step aboard a real submarine and travel through real and imaginary worlds. Thrills and excitement guaranteed.


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