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Orleans Hotels

Orleans City Info

Orleans Hotels

Once France's second largest city and now the vinegar capital of France, a direct result of the region's wine industry, Orleans was liberated from the British by Joan of Arc in 1429. Each year in May a celebration commemorating her exploits is held; the house in which she stayed during the ten-day siege of Orleans can be visited. The city also features the Hotel Groslot, a brick and stone Renaissance mansion which served as the Town Hall, and the Gothic Cathedral of St-Croix. Places of interest to visit in the surrounding area: the castles of Chamerolles and Sully-sur-Loire.

Orleans has strong ties with a simple peasant girl, Joan of Arc who stormed the city in 1429 to overthrow English forces and restore Charles VII to the French throne.  Reminders of Joan are everywhere not least in the Cathedrale Ste-Croix where her pedestal is protected by two golden leopards. The town itself was heavily bombed in WWII although the historic centre remained largely untouched.  Place du Matroi is a good starting point complete with equestrian statue of none other than Orleans heroine herself!  One of the grandest Renaissance mansions is Hotel Groslot where kings Charles IX, Henry III and Henri IV all stayed. Orleans is a useful base for exploring the Loire Valley and the surrounding vineyards of Sancerre which produces the region's venerated white wine.

Orleans Tourist Attractions

Château de Beauregard

Chateau de Beauregard was largely built at the same time as Chateau de Cheverny as hunting lodge for Francois I. It is famous for its Galerie des Portraits which comprises over 327 portraits of Kings and their lovers plus famous dignitaries from 14th to 17th centuries. Take note of the unique flooring that is covered in 17th century porcelain tiles. 

Chateau de Blois

Blois is almost like four separate chateaux rolled into one - so diverse are the architectural styles at play here. The Medieval heart is centred on the Salle des Etats Generaux which is where the court and council were based. Flamboyant Gothic flair is evident in the Louis XII wing whereas Renaissance architecture is the dominant style in the Francois 1 wing.

Chateau de Chambord

Chateau de Chambord was an expression of François' I desire for power and extravagance and was designed to confirm his status as one of the greatest revolutionary builder's of his age.  In fact, Chambord is the Loire's largest residence adorned with the King's emblems.

Chateau de Cheverny

Chateau de Cheverny is undoubtedly the most lavishly furnished of all the Loire Chateaux.  Built between 1604 and 1634 little has changed.  Its present owner is a direct descendant of the original owner and his 70 hounds or so are still used for regular stag hunting.

Hotel Groslot

One of the grandest Renaissance mansions is Hotel Groslot where kings Charles IX, Henry III and Henri IV all stayed.


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