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Orange City Info

Orange Hotels

Orange is a popular city in France, which is about 21 kms north of Avignon. The town bears the population of about 26,000 people; most of them depend on agriculture. So, you can say, Orange is primarily an agrarian economy. The town is famed for its Roman architecture; It also possesses the best preserved Roman Theater in Europe, as well as a particularly fine triumphal arch, both built during the reign of Augustus.

Historically, Roman Orange was founded in 35 BC by the Second Gallica Roman Legion as Arausio, or Colonia Julia Firma Secundanorum Arausio in full, "the Julian colony of Arausio established by the soldiers of the second legion". It covered an area of some 170 acres (690,000 m²) and was well endowed with civic monuments-as well as the theatre and arch, it had a monumental temple complex and a forum. It was the capital of a wide area of northern Provence, which was parceled up into lots for the Roman colonists.

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Orange Tourist Attractions


The Théatre is at the base of the Colline St Eturope, dominating the opposite square with the museum and the cafés. A hike up to the top of the hill (Colline St Eutrope) gives a great view down into the Théatre.

Apart from its justly-famous Roman ruins, the center of Orange isn't particularly picturesque. It's nice though, and the center is compact, with walking streets and squares lined with small shops, restaurants and terrace cafés, and large shady plane trees. Our Beyond page covers only the central "old town" part of Orange.

River Meyne

A small river, the Meyne, runs through part of the town, passing tightly between buildings and backyard gardens. The cleanliness of this town-center river can be attested to by the fish it has. While taking a picture of a typically shady part of the river, a lad fishing first offered to move out of the way of our photo. He then held up his catch for us, proudly displaying a half-dozen or so foot-long fish.

Colline St Eutrope

This is a very large park area across most of the hilltop. There are open grassy areas, big shade trees, and walking and running paths, and a promenade botanique. There's a fantastic view from parts of the hill, including across the plains to the Dentlles de Montmirail in the east, or down on to the Roman Theater at the base of the hill.

Cours Aristide Briand

Located behind the main Office de Tourisme is a long grassy park. A playground in one corner has some basic equipment.

Cours Aristide Briand

Located behind the main Office de Tourisme is a long grassy park. A playground in one corner has some basic equipment.


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