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Nevers City Info

Nevers Hotels

Nestled in the heart of Bourgogne, the Auvergne, and central France, Nevers, the capital of the Nièvre département, is located two hours from Paris using the A77 highway. Nevers was the first twin town of the City and District of St Albans, with the link established in 1974 shortly after the creation of the City and District. The silver anniversary of the twinning was recently celebrated with a number of exchanges during 1999. Nevers was chosen, as it is a city with physical and historical similarities with St Albans, and is in the Burgundy region of France which has a long, 'historical' link with Hertfordshire County Council.

Nevers is a place of pilgrimage, being the resting place of St Bernadette. Nevers is also famous for its distinctive earthenware and glassware, and is the venue for the French Grand Prix.

Are you looking for culture? Nevers' rich cultural heritage will give you a pleasant surprise. Discover it on your own by following the blue pavement lines, or have our expert guides lead you through the town. Are you looking for nature? Let the Loire River will be your guide. Whether you prefer sailboats, canoes, traditional boats, or just strolling along its banks, discover Europe 's last wild river.

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Nevers Tourist Attractions

Cathedral of Saint Cyr-Sainte Juliette

Narrow winding streets lead from the quay through the town where there are numerous old houses of the 14th to the 17th centuries. Among the ecclesiastical buildings the most important is the cathedral of Saint Cyr-Sainte Juliette, which is a combination of two buildings, and possesses two apses. The apse and transept at the west end are the remains of a Romanesque church, while the nave and eastern apse are in the Gothic style and belong to the 14th century. There is no transept at the eastern end.

Church of Saint Etienne

The church of Saint Etienne is a specimen of the Romanesque style of Auvergne of which the disposition of the apse with its three radiating chapels is characteristic. It was consecrated at the close of the nth century, and belonged to a priory affiliated to Cluny. The ducal palace at Nevers (now occupied by the courts of justice and an important ceramic museum) was built in the 15th and 16th centuries and is one of the principal feudal edifices in central France. The facade is flanked at each end by a turret and a round tower.

Valley of Loire

In front of the palace lies a wide open space with a fine view over the valley of Loire. The Porte du Croux, a square tower, with corner turrets, dating from the end of the 14th century, is among the remnants of the old fortifications; it now contains a collection of sculptures and Roman antiquities. Loire is crossed by a modern stone bridge, and by an iron railway bridge.


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