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Monte Carlo France

Monte-Carlo is the area of Monaco where the real money is flung about, and its famous casino is worth to be seen. Once in your life you have to go for a trip in Monaco. This mythic place, between the Alpes and the Mediterranean Sea will offer you dreams and reality. Alone, both or with your family, for romantic holidays, simple tourism or a business trip, the Principality of Monaco will offer you a universe of many facets. Monaco Monte-Carlo provides you many discoveries, a highly cultured place with its many museums, nice welcome with its nicest hotels in the world, sumptuous gastronomy with his well known restaurants.

Day-trippers and gambling dilettantes usually don't enter the casino proper, but head for the small room (free) of one-armed bandits and poker machines by the main entrance. Without further commitment you can also wander around the impressive entry hall, use the luxurious toilets and check out the small theatre (containing temporary exhibitions). The first gambling hall of the inner sanctum is the Salons Européens (open from noon; €10), where further slot machines surround the American roulette, craps and blackjack tables, the managers are Vegas-trained, the lights low and the air oppressively smoky. Above this slice of Nevada, however, the decor is fin-de-siècle Rococo extravagance, while the ceilings in the adjoining Pink Salon Bar are adorned with female nudes smoking cigarettes. The heart of the place is the Salons Privés (from 3pm ), through the Salles Touzet. To get in, you have to look like a gambler, not a tourist (no cameras), and dispense with €20 at the door. Much larger and more richly decorated than the European Rooms, its early-afternoon or out-of-season atmosphere is that of a cathedral. No clinking coins, just sliding chips and softly spoken croupiers. Elderly gamblers pace silently, fingering hefty banknotes (the maximum unnegotiated stake here is €76,000), closed-circuit TV cameras above the chandeliers watch the gamblers watching the tables, and no one drinks. On midsummer evenings the place is packed out and the vice loses its sacred and exclusive touch.

Adjoining the casino is the gaudy opera house, and around the palm-tree-lined place du Casino are more casinos plus the city's palace-hotels and grands cafés. The American Bar of the Hôtel de Paris is, according to its publicity, the place where "the world's most elite society" meets. As long as you dress up and are prepared to be challenged if you haven't ordered a €30 drink, you can entertain yourself free of charge against the background of Belle Époque decadence by watching humans whose bank accounts are possibly the most interesting thing about them.

Monte Carlo Tourist Attractions

Monte Carlo Bord de Mer (Larvotto)

The creation of this new district was made possible by re-routing railway tracks underground. The development has a beach, restaurants, snack bar and shops. This part of Monaco also has extensive sporting facilities at the prestigious Monte Carlo Beach Hotel where there are restaurants and an olympic-sized swimming pool.


The main attractions in this area include the Princess Grace Rose Garden, a large park containing more than 150 varieties of rose. The Museum of Stamps and Coins features rare philatelic items from the postal history of the Principality. The permanent exhibition of Prince Rainier III's Private Collection of Classic Cars, with over 100 classic cars, is nearby. The Naval Museum and the Zoological Terraces are also located in Fontvieille.


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