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Le Havre Hotels

Le Havre Hotels


Le havre map is the 2nd largest port in France. The port of Le Havre france was founded in 1517 on the orders of King Francois I to replace the ancient ports of Harfleur and Honfleur, then silting up, and its name was soon changed from the mouth-challenging Franciscopolis to Le Havre meaning "The Harbour". Le havre soon became the primary trading station of France's northern coast. Le havre france prospered during the American War of Independence and thereafter, importing cotton, sugar and tobacco. le havre map is on the mouth of the River Seine and Paris is 200 kms away, making Le Havre also the closest point to Paris.

Le Havre suffered heavier damage than any other port in Europe during World War II. After its near-total destruction, it was rebuilt to the specifications of a single architect, Auguste Perret, between 1946 and 1964, making it a rare entity, and one visibly restricted by constraints of time and money. During the Le havre travel the sheer sense of space would be thrilling, as the showpiece monuments have a dramatic and winning self-confidence. Le havre has few surviving churches and other relics of the old city which have been thoughtfully integrated into the whole. Le harve france city has been very nicely rebuilt into a bustling and lively town with a thriving boat and yacht centre as well as being the largest foreign trade port in France.

One could go for nice amount of sightseeing and shopping while in le havre travel. Much of the shopping in le havre is in the shape of street markets and shopping centres. The main shopping centre, with a covered market and pedestrianised streets is the Quartier Grand Centre. One would come across the Quartier Notre-Dame-Southampton, offering restaurants, boutiques and hotels. The Quartier St Vincent is five minutes away on foot from the town hall and has traditional boutiques open in the mornings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Quartier Thiers-Coty has a market open at the same time, in addition to boutiques, department stores and shops.

Some of the attractions during le havre travel which should not be missed:

  • Hôtel de Ville: Designed by Perret , its a low flat-roofed building that stretches for over a 100 mts, topped by a seventeen-storey concrete tower. Its surrounded by pergola walkways, flower beds and flowing water from an array of fountains, it's an attractive, lively place with a high-tech feel.
  • Church of St-Joseph: its Perret’s creation. The church is built on a cross of which all four arms are equally short. From the outside it's a plain mass of speckled concrete. Once inside the altar is right in the centre, with the hundred-metre bell tower rising directly above it.
  • Musée Malraux Gallery: The modern Musée Malraux gallery overlooks the harbour entrance. It is ranked among the best-designed art galleries in France, using natural light to display an enjoyable assortment of 19th and 20th century French paintings. Its principal highlights are over two hundred canvases by Eugène Boudin, including greyish landscapes produced.
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