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La Baule Hotels

La Baule City Info

La Baule Hotels

La Baule france, is the largest beach in Europe. La Baule map is just west of Nantes, Brittany’s most fashionable and expensive resort. It was the Victorians that first flocked here to play and promenade in the balmy air. La baule map is today favored by the French rather than foreigners. La baule has become a popular holiday destination for the Parisian upper-middle-class when they need to unwind. La Baule's inviting 8 km stretch of white sandy beach provides the perfect place to acquire a summer tan while frolicking in waters warmed by the Gulf Stream. La Baule france provides the other holiday necessities like a casino, plenty of shops and boutiques and some excellent bars and restaurants.

La baule has a coast with an imposing, moneyed landscape where the dunes are no longer bonded together with scrub and pines, but with massive apartment buildings and luxury hotels. la baule is sited on the long stretch of dunes that links the former island of Le Croisic to the mainland. La baule history shows that the beach owes its existence to a storm in 1779 that engulfed the old town of Escoublac in silt from the Loire, and thereby created a wonderful crescent of sandy beach. It can be fun if you feel like taking a break from the more subdued Breton attractions as the beach is undeniably impressive.

Once in le baule you can chose from many options for accommodation. Few of the hotels are cheap, particularly in high season, and in low season more than half are closed. There are excellent hotels and if you are interested in camping you can go for the finest campsites in la baule france.

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