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Grenoble City Info

Grenoble Hotels

Grenoble france is beautifully situated on the Drac and Isère rivers, and surrounded by mountains. Grenoble is the self-styled "capital of the Alps", its’ a lively, modern city, home to four universities, with more than 50,000 students. Grenoble francé’s setting between the Isère and Drac rivers, with mountains all around, makes it a truly stunning both during the summer and in the winters. Grenoble tourism is enhanced by skiing which is the most popular regional activity. grenoble france‘s international profile was boosted in 1968, when it hosted the Winter Olympics. In June and July Grenoble tourism witnesses a European theatre festival, and two music festivals during the spring (jazz in March, rock in April), which means that Grenoble has lots more to it than only the slopes of the Alps.

In the Middle Ages, the Princes of Dauphiné held court in grenoble france, until the province was annexed by France in the fourteenth century, and the city is also famous for the Journée des Tuiles, a local uprising in 1788 which is held to be the first act of the French Revolution. Grenoble's prosperity was originally founded on glove-making, but in the nineteenth century its economy diversified to include mining, cement, paper mills, hydroelectric power and metallurgy. Today, grenoble a centre of chemical and electronics industries and nuclear research, with the big, new laboratories of the Atomic Energy Commission on the banks of the Drac.

For the tourists eating in Grenoble is a pleasure, with a wide variety of restaurants catering to all budgets and tastes. For something quick and cheap, head for the strip of near identical pizzerias on the north bank of the river. Grenoble france climate has a typical mountain climate with cool summers and cold winters as it is situated in the mountain ranges of Alps. Grenoble france has no shortage of hotels for every category. Right from the budget hotels to luxury hotels you would be satisfied.

Grenoble tourism has some city attractions to offer when on a visit to the city grenoble:

  • » Cableway leads to panorama from 16th-century Bastille fort
  • » Musée de Grenoble (renowned fine arts museum)
  • » Museums dedicated to regional history and art, French Resistance movement, Stendhal, natural history, etc.
  • » Several interesting churches
  • » Alpine region around Grenoble features hiking trails, top-ranking ski resorts, gorges, caves, and panoramas.

Grenoble Hotels

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