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Transport and Communication in France

Paris has two airports: Roisy-Charles De Gaulle, 25 km to the north of the city and Orly, 14 km towards the south. It's advisable to use the public transport that connects the airports with the city, trains and buses.

Air France , the French flag company, guarantees the domestic connections. There are other lines that also make domestic flights, like Air Liberte, Air Littoral and Regional Airlines. Most of the companies have tariffs reduced for young people, pairs and families.

There are more than 8000 km of freeway and the excellent road network that the country has made of the car a good election. In the freeways, there's a resting area each 10 km and each 30 or 40 km a gas station. The speed limit is of 50 km/h. in the cities; 80 km/h. in the peripheral zones of Paris ; 90 km/h. in state highways; 110 km/h. in railcars; 130 km/h. in freeways. It's obligatory the lap belt use for all the passengers in the car and to take the driving license effective, the receipt of the updated insurance and the car papers. In the cities, the parking in the centric zones is usually strictly regulated.
Rent : in order to rent a car it's necessary to have at least 20 years old, a current driver's license and at least one year of experience as a driver. It is obligatory to hire insurance.

The SNCF (National Society of French Railroads) has a fast and effective train network, including several lines of TGV high speed and connection with England through the Eurotunel. Tickets are available in travel agencies or Europe Rail.

There are reduced tariffs in certain days of the year, Blue and White Days and several special passes. The most popular it's the "Eurodomino Freedom". With the "InterRail" and "Eurail" cards there is no limit of use on trains during the pass operation.

Urban Transport Subway
There are subways in six cities: Paris, Lille, Lyon, Marseilles, Toulouse and Rouen. Generally opens 05,30 AM and closes at 0,30 AM. In rush hours, a train passes every two minutes. The tickets are acquired in the stations, window or automatic machine. There are tickets for ten trips, among other options, with reduced prices. In Paris the subway is included in the RATP network, a combination of subway, bus and neighborhoods or RER. It has more than 200 km in length, 13 main lines and 295 stations. The RER of Paris has four great lines and connects the city with the peripheral zones.

The French cities have an effective urban buses network that connects the downtown and the suburbs. They circulate, generally, from 6.300 AM to 20,30 PM., except in the great cities, where there are night services. In Paris there's the "Noctambus" service, night buses that join Paris with the suburbs.

They must have their accountant and tariff at sight of the passenger. There are supplements by suitcases, animals or to take it in places like the train or bus stations and airports. In Paris there are almost 15,000 taxis and near 470 cab stops distributed by the city, as well as several companies of private taxis.

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