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Food in France

France justifies her glory mainly for her delicious plates that can be found in all type of places: from her the small taverns to the restaurants of chefs internationally recognized as Bocouse, Ducasse or Troisgros. The breakfast consists on coffee, tea or chocolate with croissants and bread with butter or jam. If something fast is wanted, the best thing is "plat du jour" (plate of the day) in some tavern, or croques-monsieur or croques-madame, hot sandwiches of ham and cheese in a brasserie..

The fame of the French good eating is, in a way, the responsibility of its regional kitchen variety. As much in the Northwest coast as in the Mediterranean, one can find quality fish, as well as seafood, oysters, mussels and clams hatchery, specially in the zone of Aquitaine, Charente, Normandie and Britain. The French rivers also offer good fish, whereas in valleys and hills we found the "French orchard", its cattle variety and milky products, specially its more than 400 cheeses varieties. The most famous are Brie, Roquefort, Camembert and those of goat.

On Alsace and Lorraine the kitchen is based on the meats of hunting, lamb, pig and calf. Fruit cakes and mussel are also very popular in the northern regions of the country. Butter and cream is the culinary base in Normandie, where the cheeses are the kings, without forgetting the seafood. Britain is a crêpes country, along with oysters, lobsters and butter pies. In Bourgogne are very popular the calf charolais combined with mustard, and the snails, consumed of all the imaginable forms. Duck, goose, and by extension the foie gras, are elements of the kitchen of the region of Dordoña, Midi-Pyrénées, they are served marinated and accompanied by plums, raisins, compote or trufas. The typical plates of Auvergne are cabbage stew, pig, peas and the garlic soup, as well as some of their good cheeses, while in Provence we will be able to taste the typical Mediterranean kitchen based on olives, garlic, fish soups and salads. Especially peculiar is the gastronomy from Corse, based in smoked pork, eels, trouts and wild herbs.

The glasses are always full in France. In spite of the recognized spiritual drinks like armagnac, cointreau, the cider or the calvados, the king is the wine. The French are authentic lovers of good wines and its country is seeded from corner to corner of vineyards. The great producing regions are Bourgogne, Bordeaux and Champagne, although one can also found good wines in the valley of the Loire and of the Rhone and in Provence.

Listed below are some of the restaurants & bars in major three cities of France.


› Aron › Floridita Bar
17-19 Boulevard Montmartre
* Dôme du Marais
53bis, Rue des Francs-Bourgeois
19, Rue de Presbourg

› Caffé Foy › Viennois
165, Rue Saint-Honoré 118, Rue des Dames
› Etages  
35, Rue Vieille-du-Temple  


› Casalinga › Le Lafayette
4, Rue de l'Abbaye

64, rue Gioffrédo
*Café Hélène de Troie
18 bis, Rue Biscarra
› Chez René › Pipo Socca
2, rue Mirhaletti 13, rue Bavastro


› Au Verre d'Eau › Le Bar de la Marine
9, rue Rocca
15, quai de Rive-Neuve
› Bar Briand › Le Caribou
5 a, marché des Capucins

38, place Thiars
Chalet du Jardin
2, rue Vauvenargues
› L´Ambassade des Vignobles › Les Trois Forts
49, place aux Huiles 36, boulevard Charles Livon
› L´Unic Bar  
11, cours Jean Ballard  

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