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Corte City Info


Cortes is situated against a stunning backdrop of brooding granite mountains, cortes meaning "Corsican soul". cortes is a small town marooned amid a high-flying landscape. cortes has been the home of Corsican nationalism since the first National Constitution was drawn up here in 1731. It is also the place where Pascal Paoli, Father of the Nation, formed the island's first democratic government in the 18th century.

While cortes travel the visitors would find the city a self-consciously limited and grimly proud.  Cortes travel would seem an inhospitable place at times but the presence of the island's only university lightens the atmosphere noticeably during term-time. When on cortes travel route it has the bars and cafés lining its long main street filled with students. For the outsider, Cortes travel charm is concentrated in the tranquil haute ville, where the forbidding citadelle which is the site of the island's premier museum presides over a den of narrow, cobbled streets. Immediately behind it, the Restonica and Tavignano gorges afford easy access to some of the region's most memorable mountain scenery, best enjoyed from the marked trails that wind through them.

Corte is a very small town whose centre effectively consists of one street, cours Paoli, which runs from place Paoli, at the southern end, a tourist-friendly zone packed with cafés, restaurants and market stalls, to place du Duc-de-Padoue, an elegant square of fin-de-siècle buildings.

While on a cortes travel finding a place to stay can be a problem from mid-June until early September. Thus it is advisable to book accommodation in advance. Cortes city has 3 campsites in the town, tent space is at less of a premium, although the sites across the river get crowded in high season.

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