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Tranquility of Chambery is amassing, mark my words, just have a stroll on the shores of Lac du Bourget, the largest and the deepest lake in France, you will encounter that you need not have to die and go to heaven you can just be in the shores of Lac du Bourget, and feel the heaven in it, it is Surely a traveler’s paradise.

Chambery in the past has served as a gateway between France and Italy and was historical capital of the Savoy region in the 13th century, under the reign of Amadeus V of Savoy. Savoy at its height of its power extended their rule through the region that stretched from Bourg-en-Bresse in the west, north to Geneva, and south to Nice. Eventually, to insulate Savoy from provocations by France, Duke Emmanuel Phil Bert moved his capital to Turin in 1563, and, consequently, Chambery declined.

All this made Chambery a seat of historical monuments and culture, and today millions of travelers travel to Chambery to see the cultures and there symbol that ones existed.

Chief among them is the Château des Ducs de Savoie, built in the 14th century, the chateau severs as the administrative capital of the Savoy, and today it is the house of county council. An architectural wonder besides it has a Ste-Chapelle, built in the 15th century to house the Shroud of Turin. To its near by you can also visit the 70-bell Grand Carillon in Ste-Chapelle - Europe's largest bell chamber. The next to the list is Fontaine des Éléphants four mighty elephants, it has short story behind it, Général de Boigne (1751-1830), a local who created fortune in the East Indies, resorted some of the amount to the development of the village, after his death the people of the village gave him honor by constructing Fontaine des Éléphants, and also named the street after his name. Today it attracts number of tourist to see the magnificent wonder. If you are art a lover and want to see some of the 14th to 18th century Italian  collection then you are heading to Musée des Beaux-Arts

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