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Caen City Info

Caen Hotels

Caen france is a city and a commune of northwestern France. It is the administrative capital of the Calvados département, and the capital of the Lower Normandy région. caen has a population totaling around 200,000. On the caen map the people are called Caennais. caen france is 10 km away from the English Channel. A canal was built under Napoleon III and runs parallel to the river Orne to link caen to the sea at all times. The canal reaches the English Channel at Ouistreham. A lock prevents the canal from withstanding the effects of the tide and permits large ships to navigate up the canal to Caen's freshwater harbours. caen is built in an area of high humidity. The Orne flows through caen france, as well as many small rivers known as les Odons. But most of the caen rivers have been buried under the city to improve urban hygiene.

Caen now would not be a place where you'll want to spend much time as in months of fighting in 1944, it was devastated. Even so, the city nine hundred years ago was the favoured residence of William the Conqueror is in parts quite impressive. Caen map is also known for historical buildings built in the time of William the Conqueror, who was buried here, and for the destruction it took during the Battle of Normandy in 1944.

Caen has a central feature in a ring of walls that no longer have a castle to protect, and, though there are the scattered spires and buttresses of two abbeys and eight old churches.  The caen roads and roundabouts fill the wide spaces where prewar houses once stood. Approaches to the city caen france are along thunderous dual carriageways through industrial suburbs, which is now developing once again after an arrival of high-tech newcomers.

Hotels Caen france has a great number of hotels, though, few could be called attractive, as many were destroyed. caen hotels are not particularly concentrated in any one area. One can find clusters of caen hotels just west of the castle and tourist office. Its a convenient location for motorists heading to or from the ferry as well as around the pleasure port. Only a few Hotels Caen france provide food though there are a plenty of dedicated restaurants in caen france.

Caen Tourist Attractions


On hill in city center which was built by William the Conqueror in 11th century. It houses Fine Arts Museum and Museum of Normandy.

Église St.-Pierre

It’s a Gothic and Renaissance church.

'St.-Étienne Church

Built in Norman Romanesque style and adjoining Abbaye-aux-Hommes abbey.

Église de la Trinité

and 1th-century Abbaye-aux-Dames

Memorial of Caen

It’s a museum on war and pursuit of peace, featuring look back at both world wars.



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