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Blois Hotels

Blois bedazzles you with its mystique. Situated on the banks of Loire River and surrounded by chateau, a cathedral. Blois is a city with a difference, since it has been ruled by different rulers 13th to, 17th century  this great Renaissance paved way for  heterogeneity of cultures and a the symbol is the Château de Blois, which has the footprints of the traditions they had. The most beautiful thing of the Château is the spiral staircase in the François I wing which is an architectural wonder. Today it is a major tourist attraction in Blois.

Another tourist attraction in the Blois is the St-Louis Cathedral which has the gothic architecture and is situated in the steep hill of Blois. Built in the 17th century, though it was destroyed by a hurricane 1678, then again was built and it turned out to be masterpiece. To see the beauty of the place one must truly be going there to encounter a memorable feeling. If you want be beguiled in Blois then you surely be going to the Maison de la Magie museum, It is the home for fascinating artifacts, chief among them are the Clocks which will intrigue you. It is dedicated to the great, Blois-born magician Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin.

Blois is awesome place to travel and you will have a copasetic felling after your tip, so pack yours bags and let's visit Blois.

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