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Bayonne City Info

Bayonne Hotels

Bayonne is uniquely situated between mountains and sea where rivers ebb and flow following the rhythm of the tides. It can boast triple fame as a religious, military and metropolitan town which has acquired a rich heritage over the centuries. Bayonne is considered as the town of art and history. The Bonnat museum houses an important collection of paintings: Watteau, Titian, El Greco, Rubens, yes, no less. You will recall that pilgrims on their way to Compostella made a halt at the Sainte Marie Cathedral, a Gothic splendour. At the beginning of the month of August, for five whole days, one's liver is put to the test. When King Léon appears at the window of the Town Hall he triggers off an uninterrupted festival during which brass bands play in the streets and calf baiting takes place at the same tempo as the assaults on the town's bars.

Bayonne was founded by the Romans for its excellent position between the rivers Nive and Adour and its easy access to Spain.  Since Roman times it has continued to prosper - particularly in 18th century when privateers looted riches from passing cargoes. Customs and traditions are abound here with eateries serving local specialties such as marizan, Bayonne ham and hot chocolate which was introduced by the Jews who then fled to Spain in the latter part of the 15th century.

Bayonne is a very interesting town with its monuments influenced by military, civil or religious architecture and it subterranean Medieval town which is one of the very few still remaining in France. The harmonious urban environment has been exceptionally well preserved.

All forms of accommodation are available for visitors: traditional private hotels and those belonging to chains (three, two and one star), camping sites, furnished apartments, etc. Come and discover this town with us at and book hotels in Bayonne completely on discount rate.

Bayonne Tourist Attractions


Porte du Réduit (17th century) is one of the 7 doors of the walled city, which is displaced and renovated. Porte du Réduit is dedicated to Hercules, God of the armies and agriculture.

Cave gothique

One of the 130 gothic basements in the roman or gothic style. Certain arches are very similar to those found in the cathedral.

Cloître (Cloister)

Built in the 13th century, in older times a public square and cemetary. Funereal remains (vases, tombstones and chapels). Its' fourth side was destroyed in the 19th century.

Rue des Faures

In the Middle Ages the Faures were iron workers and invented the bayonette. The corporation spread out into houses and hotels throughout the 18th century

Grande porte d'Espagne

In the 17th century, Vauban made this the main entrance on the south side of Bayonne on the traces of a Roman path. At the time, access to the entrance was over a drawbridge.


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