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Amiens Hotels

Amiens Hotels

Ameins City Info

One of the leading tourist attractions in France, the city of Amiens provides all types of accommodation to the visitors. The city hosts a number of attractions such as Cathedrale de Notre Dame, Hortillonnages, Amiens Amusement Park, etc. To view these and many other attractions of the city you can book suitable accommodation rooms in the best of hotels in Amiens. helps you to book a room as per your need, requirements and budget in any Amiens France hotel.

Make the best use of your stay in a wide choice of Amiens hotels to discover and explore the various sightseeing attractions. Our reservation office is open twenty four hours to the clock. All you need to do is call us up at your convenience or shoot us an e-mail and our experienced and ever helpful staff will do the needful for you as per your requirements. We guarantee confirmed reservations as soon as you have identified the hotel of your choice. Our network of hotels in Amiens will surely provide comfort, quality and great value for your money.

Clos Luce - Home of da Vinci, The 15th century manor was given to Leonardo da Vinci by François I. The adroit painter and inventor moved to Amboise for the reconstruction of Château d'Amboise. Clos Luce houses his bed and many think he used, toady millions of people come to this place so that they could be for a few seconds go to the life and times of the great Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci's inventions, if you fathom in the life of Leonardo da Vinci you will meet a genius in him. He was not only a great painter but also a perspicuous inventor, in autumn 1516 Leonardo arrived in Amboise. In his baggage was the famous painting Mona Lisa. In the basement of the chateau are models of his inventions from the submarine to the helicopter and including a bicycle.

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