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While you are still on board and about to reach Amboise, let’s quickly visit Amboise, remove the curtains and uncover the façade of Château d'Amboise. Amboise situated in central France, lies on the south banks of the Loire River, 14 miles to the Tours. Amboise houses some of the rare combination of art and architecture. One can extol the virtues of Amboise by going to the places like Château d'Amboise, Leonardo da Vinci tomb in the chapel of Saint-Hubert, An armored tank designed by Leonardo da Vinci in the grounds of the Château, The chapel of Saint-Hubert. The chief among is the Château d'Amboise, which attracts tourist from all over the world.

The construction though started in 11th century, from then expanded over time. Known for its gothic architecture, it can be said that Italian renaissance has its footprints in the France’s art and architecture. From 1431 chateau d'Amboise, the fortress was converted into a royal residence of the queen and her children. Slowly all the kings left Amboise to live nearer to Paris, but they left behind a legacy of opulence we can cherished even today. Leonardo da Vinci tomb in the chapel of Saint-Hubert, life and times and paintings of Leonardo da Vinci has always intrigued people all over the world. In chapel of Saint-Hubert is the tomb of Leonardo da Vinci, It attracts tourist all over the world. The chapel is dedicated to St. Hubert, patron saint of hunting. The architecture though very ordinary but still attracts tourist all over the world. Let's go to place where Leonardo da Vinc passed his last days.

Clos Luce - Home of da Vinci, The 15th century manor was given to Leonardo da Vinci by François I. The adroit painter and inventor moved to Amboise for the reconstruction of Château d'Amboise. Clos Luce houses his bed and many think he used, toady millions of people come to this place so that they could be for a few seconds go to the life and times of the great Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci's inventions, if you fathom in the life of Leonardo da Vinci you will meet a genius in him. He was not only a great painter but also a perspicuous inventor, in autumn 1516 Leonardo arrived in Amboise. In his baggage was the famous painting Mona Lisa. In the basement of the chateau are models of his inventions from the submarine to the helicopter and including a bicycle.

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