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Amboise City Info

Amboise is a small town in France but with a difference, it is known for its history. It lies on the banks of the Loire River, 14 miles east of Tours. Today a small town but once it was the home for the French royal court. The hotels in Amboise are located in and around the tourist spots like the Château d'Amboise, Leonardo da Vinci tomb in the chapel of Saint-Hubert, An armored tank designed by Leonardo da Vinci in the grounds of the Château, The chapel of Saint-Hubert are the major attractions to the travelers round the globe. Hotel Le Manoir Saint Thomas, a four star hotel built in 1107 by Hugh.3 km walk from Amboise Royal castle. In each room of the hotel Le mannoir’s one will find the footprints of the great renaissance.

The next one to the list of esteemed hotels is Hotel Novotel Amboise, Located amidst the chateaux of the Loire river. The top hill view of the chateaux is simply amazing. It houses two tennis courts. Hotel Le Vinci Loire Valley, a three star hotel in which you will discover the Loire Valley castle and 3min by car to the historic centre and the Amboise castle. Hotel Le Choiseul, is a four star hotel at the outskirts, built in the 18th century. It has strong local influence and the cellar has moethan 15000 bittles. The other hotels with strategic significance are Hotel Château De Pray, Hotel Château De Perreux - Bed & Breakfast, Hotel Chateau De Chissay. All in all Amboise is best place to travel and will not only will give you your value for your money but also beauty for your eyes.

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