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The French Riviera


The French RivieraCounted as one of the busiest and most popular holiday centers - the French Riviera (Côte d'Azur) remains busy all through the year. It extends along the Mediterranean coast at the very foot of the Alps. Distance from the Mediterranean to the Alps is also very short.

The capital of the Riviera is Nice. It is marvelous place and remains famous for the Matisse Museum. French Riviera is acclaimed for its famous cities and towns. Of them St.Tropez is considered as the city of class and elegance. Decks are flooded with expensive yacht signifying the high symbol status of the city. A stream of expensive restaurants and designer line clothing shops embraces this picturesque city.

Cannes is also a famous for its own self. Where Cannes Film Festival is globally popular - there is another side of Cannes as well. Some masterfully designed attractions bless Cannes. You may also choose for a day trip to the independent principality of Monaco for additional glamour.

Lovely beaches of Antibes will undoubtedly catch your attention. If you are seeking for some solace away from the crowd hustle-bustle - this is the place you want to be. This striking beach city was also home to Pablo Picasso. His studio Picasso Museum is visited by thousands of enthusiasts every week.

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